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The Information Deane Collects About You


Deane Computer Solutions asks for specific types of personal information.  We ask you to provide information that will enable us to process your purchase or provide services to you, enhance your site visit, respond to requests for information, support your relationship with us, assist you with technical support issues or to follow up with you after your visit.


Deane may collect information when you interact with us.  Some of the instances when this happens might be when you:

Register on a Deane or Deane affiliate website;

Request us to provide you with a quote;

Place an order with us;

Request e-mail notification from us;

Request assistance from our online advisors;

Make a request for support either online or by telephone;

Provide feedback in a survey;

Participate in promotional offers;

Subscribe to a publication, newsletter

Visit a Deane website or an affiliate website.


When you interact with us, we may ask for some of the following information: your name, address, e-mail address, IP address, phone number, occupation, industry, transactional information such as your preferences, customer and service tag number, serial numbers, service history, credit card information and other bank details, referrals, and other information that is needed to process your transaction or request.


We may collect information relating to your online interactions with us (including, for example, your IP address, the pages you view and the links and advertisements that you click on) so that we can offer you a more consistent and personalised experience in your relationship with Deane and better serve your needs by customising the content, services and marketing material that we share with you.  We may use your browser and purchase history to make recommendations to you and send customised communications via various communication methods, including email.


Deane uses your personal information for specific purposes


The information you provide will be kept confidential.  It is collected and processed for the following general purposes or for other lawful business purposes:

  • To process your purchase or provide requested services;
  • To fulfil requests for products and services;
  • To improve our products and services;
  • To contact you;
  • To customise our communication with you and the marketing material we share with you; and
  • To allow our business partners to present customised messages to you.


Newsletters, Mailing lists, Requests for Information


We (or another Deane entity or an agent working on behalf of Deane) will send you information about our various products and services, or other products and services that may be of interest to you.  Such information may encompass alerts to product upgrades, status of your saved cart, special offers, updated information and other new offerings from Deane. Only Deane (or agents working on behalf of Deane) will send you these direct communications.  If you do not want to receive such communications, please notify us by:

including the following information and return the communication to the appropriate addresses (or fax number) supplied below

Contact Name
Company Name (if appropriate)
Full address details
Fax if appropriate

Postal address:

Deane Computer Solutions
Unit 8F
Parkway Farm

Faxback Number: 01305 250506

Please allow up to 10 business days for your preferences to take effect.  Because some communications, such as direct mail catalogues, are developed and queued for distribution well in advance, you may receive additional information after we receive your request.


When Deane Will Share Your Personal Information


Your information may be shared with other Deane entities, agents or contractors performing services for Deane, such as Deane's Service Providers, marketing sub-contractors and financial institutions.  If so, Deane will seek to ensure that your information is only used in connection with the functions these parties will be performing for Deane and that all such information is treated in a confidential manner.

Deane will disclose your personal information to the extent required or authorised by applicable law, if ordered or required to do so by a court or enforcement authority as appropriate, or to ensure that we are in compliance with our legal obligations.

Deane may transfer your personal information to other companies in the Deane group.  In order to provide adequate protection of your personal information, we have in place contractual arrangements with such affiliated companies.


Your rights


Upon your request and within 40 days we will inform you about the type of personal information we hold about you, the purposes for which we hold it and the possible recipients or types of recipients.  Upon written request and within a reasonable period of time we will also amend, correct, delete or cease to process personal information if that information proves to be factually inaccurate, incomplete, or irrelevant to the purpose(s) of the processing.


Internet Commerce


The online store at offers you options for how your credit card information, name, address, e-mail, and any other information you provide us may be processed.  Deane is committed to keeping the information collected on our site secure.  We offer the industry-standard security measures, called SSL encryption. If you would like to make a purchase, but do not want to provide your credit card information online, you may place an order without credit card information and a representative will contact you Alternatively, you may contact a sales representative by telephone.  We will usually try to contact you in the event of a potential problem with your purchase or for any normal business communication regarding your purchase.


Customised Experience


We use technology to help us deliver customised visitor experiences.  At Deane, we use Deane and third party "cookies" to help us determine which information is appropriate to you and to enhance your experience when you interact with us.  Our use of cookies aims to provide you with a better experience when using our website and to serve you customised messages about Deane products and services when you visit the Deane website and other websites.


Third-Party Sites


Please be aware that other Web sites including sites that may be accessed through our site, e.g., via a hyperlink, may collect personal information about you. This privacy statement does not cover the information practices of those third-party sites linked to our site or any other site.


Additional Information


If you have asked to be contacted by one of Deane's partners, we will need to provide them with your contact details.  This information will not be shared with any other party and will be forwarded to that partner for the sole purpose of allowing them to contact you.  Personal data obtained from you is held and processed in accordance with all applicable laws and consistently with Deane's privacy statement


Contact Deane


If you would like to contact us, or have questions regarding our privacy statement, please e-mail us at

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